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Perfect EPS-KLT

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  • South Korea South Korea
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Product Information

Perfect EPS-KLT is an educational program designed for *EPS-KLT.
is the test that foreigners have to take in order to get a job in Korea.

The brand name of our product, Perfect EPS-KLT was made based on our goal of helping
1. individuals preparing for the EPS-KLT
individuals interested in Korean culture
3. individuals belonging to multi-cultural families

Product Composition

5 steps (10CDs): Beginner Level (2CD), Intermediate Level (3CD), Advanced Level (3CD), Useful Expressions (1CD) and Practice Tests (1CD)

A total collection of approximately 250 lessons: 10,000 vocabulary words, 6,000 practical sentences, 2,000 dialogs and 6,000 practice test items


Lesson 1 to 7 (CD1) consists of

- The invention of Hangeul

- Vowels of Hangeul

- Consonants of Hangeul

- Combination in Hangeul (consonants + vowels)

Lesson 8 to 233 consists of

1. Vocabulary Learning

- Audio, Image & Script based Learning

- Writing Practice

2. Sentence Learning

- Listening
- Word Order

- Word Spacing

3. Grammar Learning

- Studying of the Basic Grammar of Hangeul

4. Conversation Learning

- Conversation Practice with Audio, Image and Script

- Real Life Dialogs in Cartoon

5. Evaluation

- Various Types of Test Provided

- Test Results Informer

6. Summarizing

- Review of the Key Parts

7. Additional Services

- Dictionary for searching words or sentences both in Korean and your

- Print Function for printing and using as a textbook